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  • You hear them everyday... Sometimes it's on the news, or the radio, or in the breakroom at the office. Somebody will toss off a "fact" about healthcare or healthcare reform with the informed nuance of an expert in the subject matter, and you will think to yourself "that can't be right!". You want to call bullshit on them, but you don't have the facts at your fingertips. Meanwhile, everyone else is nodding with concerned looks on their faces. The poisoning of their minds has begun.

    The intention of the site is to provide the ammunition to help counteract the misinformation as we battle for an improved healthcare system. We've seen myths debunked in sites scattered across the internet, but we never found one that collated them all in one place. So - we created this site on July 24, 2009 to provide a one-stop shop for finding out the truth about healthcare reform. Sadly, this has become necessary due to the daily misinformation campaigns run by those who would (for whatever reason) scuttle necessary change.

    In the interests of not being beholden to any special interest group, we are completely self-financed, in that we've written the code ourselves, paid the ISP out of our own pocket, and researched and populated the data on our own time. Our names are Bob and Raine, and we're currently living in Atlanta, GA. We've had help from @Shoq and @Karoli (cowriter at US Health Crisis, another great resource), two other like-minded activists we've met online, and their help has been invaluable.

    That said - you may find that some other groups may be using the information we've collated, which we feel can only help the cause. The more information that's freely shared, the better off we'll all be. We welcome any site to link to us if you're interested in promoting informed discussion of the facts regarding the numerous healthcare bills currently floating around in the various committees, or the state of healthcare here and abroad.

    This site will be adding new information as soon as it becomes available. We also ask our readers to help spread the truth by contributing information, or at least passing along the latest dubious claim, and we'll do what we can to research and clarify the information.

    You can also subscribe to the RSS feed, so you'll get the latest updates almost in real time, or follow us on Twitter @hcmyths.

    Thanks for visiting, and keep fighting the good fight!

    The Healthcare Reform Myths Staff...


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