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    • Taxpayers will subsidize groups like ACORN, SEIU, UAW.
      • MythTaxpayers will subsidize all union retiree and community organizer health plans such as SEIU, UAW and ACORN


        Referencing Pg 65, Sec 123 of HR 3200, from Viral Emails
        This section of the bill is talking about reinsurance. Reinsurance is not a subsidy. It is risk-sharing.It also applies to plans for post-retirement health benefits maintained by companies like AT&T,Nordstroms,Halliburton, and any other company maintaining a post-retirement medical benefits plan. Many of these companies do not have unions. The purpose of offering the reinsurance is to prevent these plans from terminating and dropping an aging group into the risk pools. Since they have already factored in the risk based on the average age of their population, it is intended as a safety net. Ref.
        See page 65 of bill below

        Nowhere in HR 3200 does it mention any replicas de relojes community organizing groups such as Acorn or the unions mentioned or otherwise. It also does not mention any corporations.

        Section 164 creates a temporary reinsurance program to help employers or employee associations pay for coverage for workers ages 55 to 64. It does not mention labor unions or replique rolex submariner community organizer groups, though presumably they could qualify replica horloges rolex for subsidies like any other employee association that previously offered health insurance. The section's point, however, is to offer subsidies to employer-based insurance programs, not unions or community organizers.

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