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    • Health care reform protects private insurance companies.
      • MythHealth care reform actually protects private insurance companies rather than regulating them.

        FactHR 3200, as reported out by the House Ways and Means Committee, specifically limits private insurance Audemars Piguet Replique Montres companies' current abusive practices of insureds. The Public Health Insurance option, as defined in Subtitle B of title II of HR3200, is a public entity funded by premiums paid.It is required to offer the same benefits as private insurers' plans and will be offered in the same marketplace. HR3200, as amended by the House Energy and Commerce Committee,would allow the Secretary of Health and Human Services to negotiate prices with providers based upon outcomes-based criteria. The existence of such a plan forces a level playing field for competition and opens current markets controlled by one carrier. . The first two source links listed below go directly to the official web sites of both committees, where the full text of the bills and all.

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