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    • Top-ranking medical schools contribute to primary care.
      • MythMost primary care physicians graduate from top-ranked medical schools replique montre de luxe.

        FactThe top 20 schools ranked by MCAT scores graduate the least number of primary care physicians. They only graduate 2 - 3 family physicians for each 100 graduates. By comparison, 20 - 30 graduate into internal medicine specialties with 2 or 3 remaining in primary care at best. 6 - 12 remain in pediatrics but half of these depart primary care. facts indicate that graduates have 2 family medicine, 3 internal medicine, 5 pediatricians, for about 10% in primary care. Studies show that a Duluth Medical school graduate contributes 10 times replicas relojes more to primary care as compared to a top 20 MCAT school graduate. Also, a Duluth graduate on average contributes 50 - 70 times more rural primary care than a top 20 MCAT school graduate.

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