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    • Reform will create a shortage of doctors and nurses.
      • MythIf we cover all Americans we will not have enough healthcare workers to care for everyone.


        Affordable Health Choices Act will not only provide affordable coverage to 97% of Americans and other necessary reforms, the bill will enhance and grow the nation��s primary care health professional workforce through strengthened scholarship, loan repayment and training hublot klockor kopia grant programs.

        HR 3200 foresees the demand and provides the incentives, the training and the tools a new generation of health care professionals will need to meet demand and preserve choice and access to doctors .

        • Expand the National Health Service Corps and create a new primary care loan program.
        • Increase the advanced practice nursing force.
        • Provide a new loan repayment and scholarship program to train a new generation of public health workers.
        • Strengthen existing preventive medicine programs.
        • Support existing health professionals through the establishment of a study center to gather better data on health réplique omega workforce needs.
        • Computerizing health data will increase efficiencies and the amount of time primary care professionals are caring for patients.

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